The Gathering Place
The Gathering Place
Kristen Joy

For Ministry-Minded, Servant-Hearted Women Who Lead

Ministry wives and leaders seeking authentic community, growth, wholeness, and joy

Are you a ministry wife, a woman leading a ministry or serving the Body of Christ in another capacity?  If so, this is the place for you.

We see you.

We've been there, and we understand.  Serving, trying to connect with others, and longing for real support and friendship.

You might feel pulled apart, misunderstood, isolated, or overwhelmed, but it doesn't have to be that way.

We know the burden of constant expectations, little to no family time, and how risky it seems to be vulnerable with those around you.  It's tempting to stay in a place of depletion because it seems like our "good Christian" role, but it can only last so long in our own strength.

For this reason, we knew that you, our Precious Sister, needed a safe place where you can give space to attend to your own needs and find clarity, strength, and joy to continue doing what you do best--serving and leading others.

The Gathering Place is here to fiercely cheer you on in your journey.  You are welcome at our table.

Be seen.

Be heard.

Be encouraged to lean in and lead well.

Welcome to our table ~ there's always room for one more.

What does The Gathering Place Community include?

Monthly Zoom Gatherings 

Meant to help discuss and apply the monthly theme, these gatherings are lead by a certified Christian coach to help you make connections & grow in your hands-on communication and care skills in order to apply them to ministry settings.

Sister Circles

These smaller groups are meant to provide a place for you to build genuine friendships with other women in your specific area of service, whether you are a ministry wife or leader serving within an area of Christian ministry (online or in-person).  

Regular Guest Speakers

 To help facilitate practical training in the area of leadership, we regularly bring in guest speakers from areas of expertise within the ministry leadership arena. (Past guests have included podcaster Esther Littlefield and author & speaker Pamela Henkelman.)

Digital Resource Library 

Here you'll find relevant resources such as podcasts, videos, and mini-courses, along with other digital resources, to help you attend to your own personal health so that you can serve others out of a place of wholeness and joy.

Other Community Benefits Include:

Bible studies, book clubs and fun, yet purposeful, challenges to keep you inspired and growing 

Priority Access to Ministry & Life Coaching

If you've ever wanted a community with other ministry-minded leaders who are intentionally pursuing growth, this membership is for you!

And we think one of the best parts is --->

Access to The Gathering Place on the Free App!

Access all of The Gathering Place's community features whenever and wherever you need using our custom web and app platforms (*iOS and Android).

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